Solomon Byam
Born: May 17, 1770 Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Married: March 13, 1791, Westford, Massachusetts
Occupation: Farmer
Died: January 16, 1834, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Father: John Byam b.1731
Mother: Sarah Blanchard b.1735

Wife: Abi Adams b. 1773

Patty Byam b.1791-1866 m. Isaiah Spaulding
Tryphena Byam 1793-1876 m. James Haywood
Josiah Byam b.1795
Salathiel Byam 1797-1875 m. Susanna Robbins
Otis C. Byam 1799-1825 m. Lavina Bonner
Mary A. Byam 1801-1887 m. Paker Chamberlain
Betsey Proctor Byam b.1803
Marcus Daniel Byam 1805-1878 m. Rebecca Chamberlain&Mary Proctor
Clarina A. Byam 1808-1891 m. Jacob Leach & Elas Warner
Soloman Edwin Byam 1810-1873 m. Hannah Maria Adams
Ephraim Leander Byam 1812-? m. Sarah Atwood & Martha Temple
Laura Byam 1815-1862 m. Samuel White
Stillman Byam 1817-1878 m. Mary Ann Carpenter & Dophia Colson

-The Bible of his son Edwin gives May 8th as his birthdate, as well as "Adams Genealogy"
-The Gravestone of Solomon Byam has no been found.
-Solomon was one of eighteen residents of Chelmsford who in 1795 paid their part of the ministerial tax to Elder John Peckens, pastor of the First Baptist Church (in South Chelmsford) instead of to Mr. Packard, the town minister. For years, the Town fought this procesure,and not until 1830 was there seperation of Church and Town. ("Descendants of George Byam")
-Daughter Laura and husband were killed in 1862 in Minnesota at the hands of the Sioux Indians.
-"FARMERS CABINET newspaper 1-31-1834" vol32,issue22,p3: "In Chelmsford, Mr. Solomon Byam, 64; he drop instantly dead, whilst in the act of butchering an ox"
-His will was administered in 1834. Middlesex County Probate records # 3838 Chelmsford.

-Birth Source: Vital Records of Chelmsford, "Descendants of George Byam (?-1680)" 1975, by Edwin Byam p65
-Marriage Source: Massachusetts Town Marriage Records
-Death Source: Vital Records of Chelmsfield, Obit
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