James Cook
Born: December 18, 1720 Bradford, Massachusetts

Married: November 12, 1741 Methuen, Massachusetts

Died: Aft. Apr 10, 1787
Possibly the "James Cook of advanced age" reported dead of Haverhill in May 29, 1804 Death notice.

Father: probably Andrew Cook
Mother: probably Grace Head

Wife: Dorothy Hibbard b.1720

William Cook b.1742
Anna Cook b.1745 m. Moses Downing & Robert Ellingwood
James Cook b.1748
Mary Cook b.1750
James Cook b.1752
Dolly Cook b.1754 m Nathaniel Kimball
Hannah Cook b.1754
John Cook b.1757
John Cook b.1759

-Bradford Records record James Cock being born to Andrew and Grace (Head) Cook on the date above. James Cook, son of Grace was baptized the same day as his sister Johanna, in Haverhill, Massachusetts, January 19, 1729. There is no mention of Andrew Cook at this event.
-James Cook was appointed "Measurer of Timber" on March 6, 1750 and March 5, 1751 (ns)
-James Cook was on the "Alarm List" in Haverhill in the Spring of 1757, which meant he was ineligeble for regular military duty. He could be called in the case of extreme emergency though.
-A James Cook and William Cook are listed on the Muster Roll from 11/2/1759 through 1/12/1761
-James Cook and son William Cook signed a petition regarding Bluehill Maine in Februry 1762.
-James Cook, currier, recorded a deed selling land in 1754. Also, James Cook, currier, of Haverhill, personally appeared in witness of a deed April 10, 1787. The deed records that he is selling land that he purchased from Samuel Ayers; that land being purchased in 1759.
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