Ancestry of Joel Kinney
Born 1768 Hartford

Somewhere around the year 1900, a great-grandson of Joel Kinney hired a professional genealogist to learn more of his Kinney roots. This "professional" spoke of a Kinney ancestor who was a lady-in-waiting in the English court and of the first "Kinneys" to America, Joel and Timothy Kinney who came to Hartford in 1660 after fighting bravely alongside Oliver Cromwell. Then are described many generations of Joel Kinneys of Hartford, CT.
One problem: After many years of searching, not one record or hint of a record of any of these individuals described in the early generations can be found. Not one will, land record, call to military service, birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial, etc. can be found. For all records of this man people living in 17th Century New England to vanish is unbelievable. My theory is that the genealogist returned a fradulent report

The family bible of Joel Kinney's grandson, circa 1870 has a "Family Record" section where in a very old hand on the first line describes Joel Kinney born 1768 the shoemaker. The information likely came from his father Sylvanus Kinney, who lived until 1897. It lists his brothers and sisters with some information about them. Eventually, searching original records led me the the family of Richard Keeney, who had a son Joel Keeney of Hartford, CT. The family of our Joel Kinney and this Joel "Keeney" are so similar in so many aspects that it is overwhelming evidence that this Joel Kinney and Joel Keeney are most likely one in the same. See below chart for comparison. Sister Huldah
Baptized Feb 17, 1768 Outside Hartford Town in "Five Mile" TractBorn 1768 Near Hartford
Brother Richard born July 22,1765/67Brother Richard born 1766
Brother DavidBrother David
Brother StephenBrother Stephen
Brother RussellBrother Russell
Not mentionedHuldah died young; when Sylvanus Kinney
was only one year old. Huldah is mentioned
in her father's will written 1809, being left $250
His brother Richard fought in the Revolutionary War
as a child
His Brother Richard fought in the Rev. War
as a child
Brother Richard had the following children:
-Richard, Jr.
-John W.

Brother Richard had the following children:
-Richard, Jr.

This family was methodist,
and "John Wesley" would have been a likely name in this family.
The omission of Porter and Peggy from the "Joel Kinney" records
perhaps strengthen the case.
They were the two children who died young,
both before Sylvanus Kinney was born.

The family bible goes on to list Joel's other siblings of which no record of them has survived; they probably died young, as no children are known or listed in family sources: Chloe, Delight (2), Timothy, Amos. Another brother of Joel, George is listed as having two daughters Ruth and Delight, but there are no records showing a George as a brother of Joel Keeney.

Unfortunately, the information given by this genealogist has been copied far and wide, having been subsequently submitted by the family to "Compendium of American Genealogy","Cincinnati: Queen City", and "Who's Who" and others. The information was even added to later pages in the family bible.

The information above shows convincingly that Joel Kinney and Joel Keeney were one in the same, the son of Richard and Chloe Kinney
This connection makes the most likely ancestry of Joel Kinney:
Alexander Keeney
-Richard Keeney b.1674
-Richard Keeney b.1703
-Richard Keeney b.1732
-Joel Keeney/Kinney b.1768

A direct male descendant of Joel Kinney submitted to the Kinney DNA project. Results can be found here under Joel's son Nelson Kinney

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Note: This information would not be possible without the extensive research of Paul Lange and Raymond Kinney.