Troy Sylvanus Kinney
Born: December 1, 1871 Kansas City, Missouri


Married: June 9, 1900 Chicago, Illinois
Occupation:Artist / Etcher
Died:January 29, 1938, Falls Village, Connecticut.

Father: William Crane Kinney b.1838
Mother: Mary C. Troy b.1845

Wife: Margaret West b.1872

John W Kinney b.1903


Troy was an only child, born in Kansas City in 1871. The next year, the family moved back to Chicago, where his father entered the real estate trade. Troy started at Yale in 1892 to study art, and received his B.A. in 1896. While at Yale, he was a member of the Crew team, and a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the same fraternity George W. Bush joined during his time at Yale. After Troy graduated, he spent a year in Baltimore, working in the art department of the "Herald" and "American" newspapers. He applied to fight in the Spanish-American war, but was turned down from both the Army and the Navy because of his poor vision. Instead he moved back to Chicago, where he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, while working for the Chicago Sunday papers. At this time he was married to his wife, another artist, and also one of his instructors, Margaret West on June 9, 1900. She was an instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago where Troy was enrolled. (See her Notes) They spent the next ten years building a career of illustrating, frequently under the name "The Kinneys", and Troy became a well known and well-respected etcher. They moved to New York City, and opened a studio there from which to do their work. Over their career, they illustrated many books, and many covers for "Harper's Bazaar" magazine. In 1903, their only child, John West Kinney was born.

In 1910, they were commissioned to illustrate Ibanez's book, "Blood and Sand". To accomplish this task, they traveled to Spain, and stayed there for a year, where they took many pictures and painted many Spanish scenes, especially of dancers, of which they seemed to become very interested in at this time. Upon their return, Troy and Margaret spent the next three years devoted to painting dancing subjects, and the subject of movement in dance. In 1914, they published two books, "Social Dancing of Today" and "The Dance, It's Place in Art and Life". Troy worked with dancers Sophie Pflanz, Anna Pavlova, and many others over the next many years.

They moved again to upstate Connecticut, in Falls Village, where their estate had both a house, and a studio from which to do their art work. Troy Kinney died in January 1938 following an operation, a very well known and well respected artist and etcher, a member of the Chicago Society of Etchers, Society of American Etchers, and the National Academy of Design, among many others.

-Religion: Methodist

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1900 US Census : Living as a boarder with his father in Chicago.
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