October 2004, Week 1

Alex received his Social Security card on the 1st of the month, making him officially part of the machine. Alex enjoys the car, and is smiling a lot more.

October 2004, Week 2

Alex begins to use his hands a lot more, both to block things coming at his face, and stretching his fingers out. He sucked his thumb for the first time on the 8th. he is growing at a tremendous weight, weighing 11 pounds by Oct 9th.

October 2004, Week 3
Alex is becoming a happier baby every week. He smiles often now, and is very tickelish.

October 2004, Week 4&5

Alex this week got even stronger, pushing himself up by his hands only, and he can hold his head up for what seems like indefinitely. He recognizes our faces, and brook's voice. On Oct 24, Alex visited his Aunt Jessie's Bryn Mawr College, and we had dinner with her and Grandma and Grampa, as well as Jessie's professor Janet Monge. On Oct 25, Alex had his first trip wheeling around the mall in his stroller. On Oct 29th, Alex had his first big car trip driving down to Arlington. Amanda C came with us so she could visit Rich at Law School. Alex slept for 6 uninterrupted hours that Brook got to sleep some. Alex met family friends Kathy and Mimi Owens, as well as Mrs. Price, the Huffs, the McKeons, and others. When we got back, we drove right up to Sara Jane and Jeff's Halloween party, and Alex got to meet Lorene, Nicole Chernowetz, Ali McEvoy, Gerrie Milazzo, Kurt H and his new GF, Mark Greco, Mike Gargano, Mark berec, Sandy and Steve Kosciolek, and Tony Peters. On halloween itself, Alex had fun watching the treak-or-treaters, and then we headed over to a work party at the Kosinskis.